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Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to introduce the 2nd SMS India Special Conference to be hosted by the Indian School of Business in Mohali, India. The conference will provide an opportunity for academics, scholars, managers, entrepreneurs and consultants to develop and share their insights on strategic challenges and solutions relating to India and other emerging, high growth markets. With advanced countries suffering from anemic growth, and major parts of the world embroiled in economic instability, emerging economies have become the world’s growth engine. India, for example, is the home to one-sixth of the world’s population, and is not only a key market, but also an important R&D, manufacturing and service hub to companies across the world. Increase in South-to-South flows also highlights the need to study the inter-dependence of emerging economies, and leverage learning about their exciting opportunities and unique challenges across markets.

We believe that research and discourse on opportunities and challenges faced by firms in high growth economies can significantly enrich the field of strategic management. By facilitating a dialogue amongst an internationally diverse group of strategy researchers and practitioners, we hope that this conference will trigger new ideas and meaningful research. Many of these contemporary challenges require strategies that work beyond the boundaries of individual firms, countries, or regions. Further, there is growing pressure to incorporate sustainability and shared value in all aspects of business, from public service organizations to commercial and corporate settings. While challenging, these problems also hold tremendous potential and those who help in their resolution are likely to not only have a significant impact in the global economy, but also benefit substantially.

This special conference on emerging and high growth markets hosted in India will offer you an exciting opportunity to engage with prominent scholars as well as top managers and consultants. While the conference is organized around a few familiar themes, we also seek contributions that would enable us to engage with pressing problems faced by those in practitioner roles. Mohali lies at the confluence of several ancient civilizations, diverse religions, cultures and languages in north India. We have an outstanding group of contributors from all over the world to stimulate a lively set of discussions. We look forward to your participation in such discussions and hope that you will relish the opportunity to experience India.


Jay Anand
Charles Dhanaraj
Prashant Kale
MB Sarkar

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