Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Evening at Pinjore Gardens

A gala dinner has been organized for all conference attendees on December 18 at the famous Pinjore Gardens. These gardens, also called Yadavindra Gardens are 20 km from Mohali, on the Chandigarh - Shimla National Highway 21. Nawab Fadai Khan, a great architect and foster brother of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb is said to have designed these magnificent gardens which cover a total area of 100 acres.

The gardens have been laid in seven terraces with the main gate of the garden opening into the highest first terrace which has a palace built in Rajasthani–Mughal style. This is called the “Shish Mahal” (palace of glass), which is adjoined by a romantic "Hawa Mahal" (airy palace). The second terrace with arched doorways has the "Rang Mahal" (painted palace) and the third terrace has cypress trees and flowerbeds leading to dense groves of fruit trees. The next terrace has the "Jal Mahal" (palace of water) with a square fountain bed and a platform to relax. The other terraces have numerous fountains and tree groves and the lowermost terrace has an open-air theatre, which is designed as a disc-like structure. Special programs are arranged at the Yadavindra Gardens for the Baisakhi (spring) festival in April and for the Mango Festival in June and July.

Conference attendees will get to experience cuisine from the region along with cultural performances featuring the Bhangra, a local folk dance and Gatka, a traditional martial art.

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